Everything is Double Standards: On Brexit, Sharia and Hypocrisy

By Mo Dawah



I totally condemn the death threats that were received by Sedaa magazine which were traced back to my e-mail address following my debut article for them, after they refused to allow me to publish another contribution of mine.

Death threats can never be justified except when they can. And I totally condemn the person who traced them back to my e-mail address for faking them against herself. This provoked more death threats which coincidentally only ended after they agreed to let me take them hostage on their pages with these words.  As always, I am a man of peace. So in the spirit of subverting the extremism of secular women I wish to express how dangerous it is for them to exist.

Britain is divided. In the post-referendum landscape, idiots have been empowered to vote against what is best for them. We may be in the early stages of the end of everything. Enoch Powell is haunting us. His visage rises on the horizon every morning like the sun. Instead of ‘rivers of blood’, fire emanates from his nostrils in the shape of people who disagree with Sharia law courts under the guise of so-called secularism and women’s rights.

These are dangerous times indeed. Danger stalks the land like danger. Fear flies in the sky like fear. And in places across the country, men’s democratic right to deny women’s democratic right is being denied. Cadres of feminists who claim to be Asian but behave like Gorgons seek to freeze community leaders into stone by staring us in the eye and saying Sharia courts contradict women’s rights and subvert the basic principle of ‘One Law For All’ that underlies British liberal and democratic society.

This is of course all true. But that’s not the point.

Don’t look directly into the eyes of secular Gorgons, who seek to turn community leaders into stone


The point is, the double standards of women who eat pork sausages and flirt. And yet we’re not allowed to have Sharia courts. There are women who wear bikinis, and yet we’re not allowed to have Sharia courts. There are women who have extra-marital affairs, and yet we’re not allowed to have Sharia courts. There are women who take photographs of themselves in erotic moods, which I have examined closely in order to condemn, and yet we are not allowed Sharia courts.

The hypocrisy and double standards are self evident and directly contributing to an atmosphere of alienation that could lead to things happening that may stereotype community leaders as being prone to sinister threats about alienation.

How can these double standards exist, yet Britain is allowed to vote for Brexit?  I sincerely hope all liberal and left-wing people protest against this double standard that is really more like quadruple or quintuple standard. It makes me ashamed to be British. Yet at the same time determined to fight for my rights to have special rights and privileges that nobody else demands.

I demand that a special committee of investigation is continued by the government in order to whitewash the existence of Sharia courts, led by theologians, so that parallel legal systems rooted in separate paradigms can be used to demand women are beholden to systems that privilege reactionary community religious norms over the universal secular liberal rights all citizens of this nation so-called enjoy.

I demand that this brigand of racist secular women questioning this emancipation be challenged to repent for holding anti-British values of inclusion and tolerance as defined by my multicultural inter-faith expertise.

If we wish to consider this assault upon humanity, read this screed of hate here, but I warn you that you may want to vomit after consuming such rhetoric that belongs in the annals of infamy against Guardian and socialist values.  How can we have tolerance and understanding if you don’t understand we have no tolerance for understanding?


Fear is everywhere
Fear is everywhere

At a time when fear wears black tights and stalks the land like a pervert, it is time the Left stood up for decency and dignity and ask why we can’t do what we want. It is racist, it is phobic, it is extremist, it is against inclusion, and we ask the LGBTQ community to reach out in solidarity too.

In the words of the noted feminist scholar Sheikh Bilal al-Wifebeater, “Why follow the path of the camel to a distant oasis, when the oasis is in your path of obedience to me?”

If you do not weep at this feminism which is rooted in true feminism, which happens to involve agreeing with everything I say, then you are either not a true feminist, or you are an agent of white supremacism and privileged privilege.

It is only by feeling guilty of betraying the community that you can be truly liberated. To be liberated from the oppressive bacon-infused reality of secular law which, in reality, is an attempt to do a genocide against the community.

We live in a society that can vote for Brexit, but won’t allow Sharia courts, in which neo-liberalism pukes on the poor, but polygamy is seen as being like a tarantula, in which girls are free to have boyfriends, but I’m not free to end the freedoms of girls. The double-standards-hypocrisy-double-standards cannot stand anymore.

For the sake of a harmonious, tolerant, inclusive society that chooses hope over hate, and unity over division, that rewards soothing platitudes over subversive demands for so-called ‘rights’, for a better future, a less phobic future, in which all people are equal, apart from those we decide are not equal, the Left must stand up and demand that Brexit Britain doesn’t marginalise those who wish to marginalise all others, in the name of community, theology and peace.



Mo Dawah is a community leader, inter-sectional Jihadi, Trans-Sharia campaigner, advocate of the “Censorship is Free Speech” student campaign, Counter-Anti-Extremist, Machete-Secretary of the Beheading Civil Rights org DECAP, and promoter of Inter-Faith obedience.

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