They Called me Shameless


By Scheherazade

They called me shameless
A disgrace
For falling in love
For wanting control over my own life
The heart wants what it wants
What could I have done?

When I came home that night
Trying to creep into my bed
There they were
Waiting for me instead.
Rage on their faces.

Beghairat, they said.

All I wanted was to be free
Soar with these wings
Fly, wherever the wind would take me

But I carried their honour
Like a noose around my neck
Which became tight
Until one day it snuffed out my life
Robbing me of my dreams.

Now I watch them from above
Do they feel remorse
I wonder
They had lost their ability to love

And robbed me of it too

I cry no more
For I know
They are the ones without honour

My spirit lives on
In each and every woman
For evermore.

scheherazade-transparentScheherazade is a writer by day and poet by night. Her pen is a mighty weapon and she will make you bleed with ink. You can read her poems on Instagram.

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