Extremism-o-phobia is a crocodile that feeds upon extremism

By Mo Dawah


Since my last interruption in the debate on things the world has erupted into more and more violence and hatred against those who question why we must define terrorism as motivated by hate or whether it is actually violence at all.

For when we focus on the violence perpetrated by perpetrators of violence it makes us lose empathy for them. And as we know, a lack of empathy for those who we force into killing us is the major cause of them killing us.

We will never know the motivation for someone killing people in the cause they do it for. It will forever remain a mystery and an enigma as to why people who do something violent in accordance with their violent ideology do so. We can ponder it for a million years, and we will never understand why the obvious reason someone did something did it.

But as liberals we must not venture down a path in which we may be confronted with truths that contradict our comforts and, as such, anyone who walks down that path is on the side of those who ruin everything. So our focus must be on those who destroy harmony by suggesting ­extremism is extremist, rather than a product of us saying it is extreme. If liberalism means we do not exist to advance the cause of those who hate us, it means nothing at all.

This is why I am organising a March for Tolerance in an unprecedented march for tolerance led by intolerant community leaders and progressives. Ever since Brexit we have seen a continuation of millions of women in Britain refusing to wear hijab and, combined with a toxic fear of fearful and toxic things, an atmosphere of fear of fear has been stirred up. Genocidal dandelion seeds float in the air and aggressive ladybirds land in my beard. Hostile white pollen causes anti-multiculturalism sneezing. Free speech continues to subvert the utopia I seek to build with the help of progressives against free speech. The victims of extremism continue to blame extremists for their victimhood in ways that can only be considered a form of prejudice against extremities.

Let us embrace the crocodile

Extremism-o-phobia is a crocodile that feeds upon extremism. Only by embracing the crocodile that wants to eat us, can we conquer the fear of being eaten by it, by allowing ourselves to be eaten by it.

Together, we can light a candle in the darkness, and set fire to ourselves, in order to show the extremists that we can win by burning ourselves down before they manage to set us alight. Let us rise above this hatred, by debasing ourselves and hating ourselves. Let us elevate ourselves, by lowering ourselves. Let us not dig our own grave, by failing to dig our own grave.

As we face dark days in which the values we value as valuers of values are threatened by the very values we claim are valuable, we must introspect and ask why we continue to stand up for these values, if they cannot exist without people defending them. As we face an uncertain future, let us embrace certainty by submitting to those who wish to destroy our future.

The only way to fight the supremacist nature of our hateful beliefs in liberty and secularism is to embrace an alternative form of supremacism rooted in supremacism of a benign alternative  kind that tickles the nipples of writers at the Guardian. To neutralise hate we must be neutered. Tolerance comes from empathising with empathy and mouthing platitudes in a seemingly profound way.

For the sake of multi-cosmic harmony and tolerance, the time has come for us to become the crocodile that stalks us, in order to stop it from stalking us.


LO-qfWSxMo Dawah is a community leader, inter-sectional Jihadi, Trans-Sharia campaigner, advocate of the “Censorship is Free Speech” student campaign, Counter-Anti-Extremist, Machete-Secretary of the Beheading Civil Rights org DECAP, and promoter of Inter-Faith obedience.

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