Finsbury Park mosque terror attack

By Iram Ramzan


Another day, another terrorist attack. Is there no end to the senseless violence and killings?

This time, it seems the terrorist was not from the Muslim community, but a non-Muslim who apparently attacked Muslims deliberately.

Police were called just after 12.20am on Monday June 19 to reports of a white van striking worshippers outside Muslim Welfare House in Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park. Witnesses said the van struck pedestrians who were tending to an elderly man who had collapsed.

Here are some of the facts so far:

  •  Darren Osborne (47), of Cardiff, was initially arrested on suspicion of attempted murder but Scotland Yard said he was later arrested for the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism including murder and attempted murder;
  • Witnesses described hearing a van driver, who was detained by members of the public at the scene, shout: “I’m going to kill Muslims”;
  • Police were Osborne’s house in Pentwyn, Cardiff, for clues to his attack. Friends said he lived there with his partner and four children;
  • The Metropolitan police has said one person died following the incident and 10 people were injured. Police said all the casualties were Muslim;
  • Prime Minister Theresa May said the attack was “every bit as insidious and destructive to our values and our way of life”.


Darren Osborne has been arrested or the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism including murder and attempted murder.


Kudos goes to imam Mohammed Mahmoud, who urged the crowd to be calm and restrained until the police arrived.

The whole nation’s thoughts and prayers will be with the victims of this horrific attack.  Terrorist attacks are happening so often both at home and abroad that we may end up almost weary with terror fatigue.

I have previously been critical of those who suggest there is a ‘backlash’ on Muslims after every Islamist terrorist atrocity. But this week it appears that a man has attempted to murder large numbers of innocent Muslim civilians, seemingly on the basis of being Muslim. I only hope that this is a one-off, as Britain is still a remarkably a tolerant community.

Osborne has now been arrested and so it would be prudent for us to be restrained in our commentary until after the trial or sentencing.

In the meantime we must remember that extremism exists in all communities and, therefore, we all have a responsibility to challenge any hateful views. There are some people, though a minority, who are trying to justify this awful incident. Extremists and hatemongers on all sides must be challenged.

Iram Ramzan is a journalist based in Greater Manchester and the founder and editor of Sedaa. Visit her blog and follow her on Twitter .


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One thought on “Finsbury Park mosque terror attack

  1. E

    On the 7th July 2005, when I was ten years old, I stayed at home instead of going to school because I wasn’t feeling well. That day was one of the most terrifying days of my life. We lived in London at that point and it transpired that a friend of my parents had been injured in one of the attacks. I remember watching the scenes unfold on television with horror and disgust. Since then, I have always, always been outspoken about my contempt for those that commit these atrocities. It has to be said that even though I was brought up a Muslim, I would call myself ‘agnostic, but of Muslim heritage’. I think it’s incumbent on a lot of young people like myself to try and change some conservative attitudes within some parts of the Muslim community in Britain. I think we need to be outspoken in championing equal rights for women and for those who identify as LGBT. That’s not to say that I think all Muslims have outdated, conservative views, but there is a small and vocal minority. It has to be said that my parents are religious and are steadfastly supportive of the life that I lead. They taught us about God but also taught us to be accepting and loving towards all people regardless of race, religion, sexuality, gender etc.

    I’ve written the above to provide a bit of info, and almost to act as a disclaimer before I get inundated with criticism.

    It’s interesting that Ms Ramzan condemns these attacks and those that foster hate, but is still complimentary of the idiot Douglas Murray, whose book propagated generalizations, hatred and lies about Muslims in the UK. Gaby Hinsliff, a very astute Guardian columnist, published a review I wholeheartedly recommend about Douglas Murray’s half-baked ideas and his ridiculous book (apparently Muslims are to blame for the decline of pubs in certain parts of the UK(!)- Murray deliberately leaves out the important fact that pubs are closing up and down the country due to stagnating wages (he needs to consult Economics and Business for Dummies, so it seems)). So yes, I’m rather surprised that Ms Ramzan is talking about the onus placed on ordinary citizens of this country ‘to challenge any hateful views’ when she herself endorses a spiteful, insidious individual like Douglas Murray who views Muslims as one homogeneous, monolithic group and whose rhetoric is full of venom and hate.

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