The media highlights ‘terrorism’ but not bee stings: an interview with Mo Dawah

The last few decades have seen a rise in Islamism, a political movement that favors reordering government and society in accordance with laws prescribed by Islam. More recently we have also seen a rise in the far right and white nationalist movements. Sedaa interviewed Mo Dawah, a community leader, intersectional jihadi and Machete-Secretary of the Beheading Civil Rights org DECAP, to give an analysis on these two movements and what it means for Western civilisation.



As Britain’s most important inter-sectional religious supremacist and progressive jihadi contextualiser, what are your feelings about Britain’s ongoing refusal to integrate with Islamism?

Let me be quite frank about Britain’s refusal to integrate with Islamism. It is a mirror image of ISIS’s refusal to do something it refuses to do. It comes from the same space. Two sides of the same coin. When you think about it, they are exactly the same. Refusing to submit to me is exactly like beheading non believers. In the sense that they are the same thing. At the root of this is the irrational fear of something you understand but disagree with. Which is rooted in a frightened society saturated in the prejudice of allowing different opinions to mine. And also, white people.

What do you think of when you survey the wreckage of Western civilisation?

When I contemplate the wreckage of Western civilisation it brings tears to my eyes. Tears of laughter.

Could you expand?

The only thing expanding is Islam.

Actually, the Universe is also expanding.

You’ll find that the Universe is actually Islamic too so my answer is correct.



Moving on, there have been many issues in the news recently that require your commentary. What is your thought on the issues surrounding pressures to veil amongst the females of the community who belong to community leaders?

It is totally absolutely totally the free choice of girls to wear a veil or be considered a slut for not doing so. There can be no coercion on this issue at all. We must encourage girls to be independent so that they can freely choose to veil or be sluts. At the same time we have to accept that women are free to be ogled at if they refuse to obey commands. At the same time its really fashionable and hipster to wear a hijab so unless you agree with this you’re so out of touch with diverse forms of honour-shame codes and diversity, which makes you a racist. At the same time, white people.

How do you feel about the rise of the alt-right and white nationalist movements online?

I am shocked, frightened and happy they exist.

Your spoken word poem ‘Honky Blues’ about how everything is the fault of white people has gone viral. How did it feel to become famous for that amazingly powerful poem?

It made me famous, but then some bad things happened because of my fame, which was the fault of the white people who made the poem popular, hence proving me right, that everything is the fault of white people, including those who hate themselves.

What do you think should be the response to claims that jihadism is a growing problem in society?

It’s only considered a ‘problem’ because people don’t understand that it’s also possible to be stung by a bee on the nose whilst mowing the lawn, or to fall over in the shower and hurt your bum. And why is this not understood? Because the media highlights ‘terrorism’ but doesn’t balance it with equal coverage of people being stung on the bum whilst taking a shower with a lawnmower. And what is the root of this? A fear of the unfamiliar. A fear of the ‘other’. Because being blown up at a pop concert is unfamiliar and other than expected. So we really need to examine ourselves for claiming that something which is a problem is a problem. We need to emphasise that which unites us, rather than divides us. Even though we are all united in fear of that which is trying to divide us. We must never admit to that, or we may cause it to happen. Also, white people.


Which is more dangerous: jihadi attack or a bee sting?
Pic credit: chedder / Flickr

Would you like to see more diversity in the media?

Yes, as long as it reflects me.

How successful has your Islamist Feminist movement been?

Amazingly successful. We’re reclaiming feminism from those who have stolen it from its original meaning.

Who stole feminism from its original meaning?


Has there been a backlash?

Every reclamation has a backlash and as you know feminists are fearless and brave but we just told them that disagreeing with our new Islamist-Feminism is a form of racist phobia and they backed down. Upon the pyramid of the persecuted we stand at the top, before whom all must understand their place in the hierarchy of victimhood. It is particularly oppressive when those beneath us in this hierarchy start victimising us by claiming we victimise them, especially when we really do victimise them. Also, white people.


White people.
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Some people have accused you of being a sly, snide, insidious bigot using the camouflage of progressive rhetoric to dupe white leftists into thinking you are an ally of them. What do you say to that?

Guilty as charged.

Thanks for this interview which is amazing. Is there anything else you’d like to say before we go?

Yes. White people.


LO-qfWSxMo Dawah is a community leader, inter-sectional Jihadi, Trans-Sharia campaigner, advocate of the “Censorship is Free Speech” student campaign, Counter-Anti-Extremist, Machete-Secretary of the Beheading Civil Rights org DECAP, and promoter of Inter-Faith obedience.

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