Resolution, Revolution

By Jimmy Bangash

As I sit here in London

On the cusp of the New Year;
My heart 
walks the streets
of Iran.



For women have woken
As a girl waves her hijab;
Casting out
the sound
of Adhan.

You cannot control them,
No clergy can own them;
This marks
the death
of Imams.

Their bodies were plundered
Wrapped up and covered;
All in
the name
of Quran.

Replace chador and virginity,
With lipstick and liberty;
Even though
you think
it’s Haram.

Their voice is your death knell
and casts you to Seventh Hell;
Return to
the ranks
of Shaytan.


Persian Translation:

 قطعنامه، انقلاب

اينجا نشسته در لندن
در آستانه سال نو
قلب من اما در خيابانهاى ايران قدم ميزند

چرا كه زنان برخواسته اند؛
دخترى با حجابش بر باد
صداى اذان را
مى رويد

نهيب ناپزير
هيچ ملا يى مالك انها نخواهد بود
اين ناقوس
مرگ ملاها را
فرياد ميزند

با بدنى غارت شده
در آيه قران

بجاى چادر و بكارت
ماتيك و رهائى
هر چند كه تو آن را
حرام دانستى

فرياد آنها ناقوس مرگ تو است
و تو را در هفت خوان جهنم
بر ميگراند
در صفوف

شعر: جيمى از لندن
ترجمه : فريبرز پويا


jimmyJimmy Bangash is a gay, British, Ex-Muslim Pakistani. He grew up in a traditional Pashtun family in London where he stood in ardent opposition to the patriarchy and misogyny in his community. His poems and prose focus on Islamic patriarchy and the experience of gays of Muslim heritage. He is a co-founder and integrative coach at 

You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

*Translation courtesy of Fariborz Pooya


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    I suggest you freedom beyond any boundary. If men can have girlfriends so why can not girls have so many partners during orgies and swinger parties? Should it be questionable in a free society?

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