Ameena Lonely broke a vital taboo by criticising multicultural taboos

“I joined the Labour Party after seeing so much injustice in my community and in the world. I was expelled from the Labour Party after speaking out against injustice in this world and in my community” – Ameena Lonely, professional trouble maker, subverter of harmony, secular fundamentalist, feminist terrorist, opponent of community leaders.

For the first time since the controversy over Ameena Lonely speaking out on honour-abuse, shame-misogyny and Labour’s proximity to reactionary community leader dynamics sparked hurt feelings across humanity, Sedaa spoke to Mo Dawah, intersectional-Islamist, progressive anti-feminist, Labour activist and sharia-socialist on the issues raised by this so-called ‘woman’



As a community leader and follower  of the rightly-guided Jeremy Corbyn, I wish to explain why we decided to expel the anti-community leader false progressive Ameena ‘now I feel so’ Lonely from Labour for daring to say some things happen that should not happen in our community.

Whilst we cannot deny that some things happen in the community that should not happen in the community, we cannot play into the hands of those who say things happen in the community that should not happen in the community by admitting that some things happen in the community that should not happen in the community.

None of this means that we must not take seriously problems we face and then sweep them under the carpet. Sweeping problems under the carpet is not the easy option.

The easy option is to admit that there are social problems and do something about them openly in a hostile world in which people think progressive values should apply to all.

But in order to fight the hegemony of prevailing prejudiced opinion that social and cultural dysfunctions inside minorities are best addressed through openness about them in the same way we address problems openly in wider society, Ameena Lonely had to be expelled from Labour for stigmatising those who stigmatise outspoken women.

Ameena Lonely broke a  vital taboo by criticising multicultural taboos about keeping some communities insulated from progressive change that the rest of society has gone through, in order to protect any harm being done to the feelings of those who don’t want to go through progressive change.

One of the greatest challenges we face as a nation is fighting the harmful cultural practise of talking about and fighting harmful cultural practises.

Fighting oppressive cultural or religious beliefs cannot be used as an excuse for bigotry against actual oppressive cultural or religious beliefs. As progressives we must struggle against those who would take us backwards by offending those who are backwards. We cannot allow so called progressives like Ameena Lonely dictate to people that we must embrace the same  values  we claim to represent.

Our priority as a Labour Party is to help those whose feelings are offended by those who insist we must acknowledge problems we claim are not problems. These problems can only be solved by saying we must do something about them whilst silencing those who say we must do something about them and actually mean it.

Britain can only have a bright future if we snuff out the light of those who wish to illuminate it, which is why there can be no place for Ameena Lonely in Labour, the party of community leaders, led by the rightly-guided Corbyn, whose beard bristles with justice and equality for those who don’t believe in justice and equality for uppity Asian girls and women.


LO-qfWSxMo Dawah is a community leader, inter-sectional Jihadi, Trans-Sharia campaigner, advocate of the “Censorship is Free Speech” student campaign, Counter-Anti-Extremist, Machete-Secretary of the Beheading Civil Rights org DECAP, and promoter of Inter-Faith obedience.

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