Dear Mr Taliban

Candlelight vigil in London for the victims of the Peshawar school siege. Pic credit: Kashif Haque
By Jalebi

Please excuse me but I just saw the
My ignorance was bliss
until I saw the blood.
The children with the green blazers
you know the ones.

I have a few questions
If you could please
clarify these?
So let me start with question number

Do you visit the doctor when you’re ill?
Pop pills to control the pain?
Where did the doctor learn these
A school did you say?

There’s hypocrisy in your hands!
The AK47 was made by a WHITE

Do you really believe what you
Or follow like a sheep?

Do like the Battle of Islandlwana and
stun the world
Fight the fists, sticks and stones
Shaka and the Zulus are known for
that now.

Do you use the radio to pass on
Who invented that?
And how?

Children? In a school? Easy target.
All they would have done was scream
and shout
Pray for mercy
while you laughed
Saw your ticket to heaven shivering
4 foot tall sinners.

Their mothers were the gate keepers
of heaven
‘There has been a change in your
travel arrangements sir – the gates are
now closed’
You’re travelling to the warm south.

Education is a sin?
Education equals progression
Progression is a type of evolution
A natural process which even animals
don’t interfere with.
But who am I kidding- you’re not above

The children are laughing
We hear them briefly in the breeze
Sorry Mr Taliban – I don’t know what I’m
A mutation has occurred in my brain,
making thoughts form.
I must be stopped – I know,
this could be dangerous

But your mind is also infected!
I mean… sanity doesn’t make us
commit such things.

Shia, Sunni, Ahmedi, ‘Marzai’… you say
we’re not the same?
How could we be – we all have eyes,
nose, ears — BUT WAIT!

There’s too much confusion!
and it doesn’t make sense!
So please Mr Taliban
take the floor.
Use your words and nothing more…


Jalebi isn’t what her parents named her but the alias she is well know for on her Twitter blog @BarfiJalebi, in which she unravels the horrendously hilarious modern Muslim dating stories.  Blazing trails with her kick-ass attitude, she is a shameless practicing Muslim, feminist and explorer. And she can tell one hell of a story.

Read her blog here. Follow her on Twitter.



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