An open letter to my community: yes, I sent perverse sexual comments to women, but who is really to blame?

In recent days, revelations have surfaced about leading community leader and social-sharia-justice activist Mo Dawah having sent lewd texts and priapic personal messages to some women. In a coruscating open letter written exclusively for Sedaa, Dawah says that in an era in which Trump is building walls rather than bridges, and climate change is percolating the environment, this is not the time to hold progressive community leaders to account for being perverts.



Dolphins are dying. You may not realise it, given the attention paid to me sending messages to women asking if they’d like to rub baby oil into my beard by a hypocritical feminist media — but the oceans are dying because of Islamophobic pollution and dolphins are crying out for help.

White supremacy is eating African-American transgender women. You may not be aware of that given the attention paid to me giving phallic instructions unsolicited to women other than my wives by twitter over direct messages, but it is.

I say these things not to distract from being caught with my pants down (quite literally) — as I urged women to debase themselves and ignore all my lectures demanding that women feel shame about displaying themselves freely — but to highlight how, at a time of rising xenophobia, Islamophobia, Community-leader-phobia, and demonisation of minorities, it is a distraction to demand that inter-sectional allies of feminism and the anti-racist struggle be held to account for their supposed ‘hypocrisy’.

After all, what is the definition of ‘hypocrisy’, in the context of white supremacy? Who defines ‘hypocrisy’ in the West? The answer leads us to a conclusion. ‘Hypocrisy’ in the context of my shenanigans is merely a construct of white supremacy. They are aligned so closely, ‘hypocrisy’ even rhymes with ‘white supremacy’.

‘White supremacy’ rhymes with ‘hypocrisy’. Pic Credit:
Fibonacci Blue / Flickr.


And so we must further conclude that the women who I sent sexually harassing messages to demanding they quiver before my advances are agents of white supremacy, and handmaidens of phobia against those who campaign against a system of hypocrisy against hypocrites.

The simple fact is that, as a super community leader activist across the world, my lectures about how girls and women must feel ashamed of themselves, must have their sexuality controlled in the name of community harmony and must be modest in their dress, challenges the prevailing hegemony of white supremacist Zionist-dominated patriarchal values that girls from our community must be free to be slaves to white patriarchy, instead of our community patriarchy.

Yes, I did say that girls who do not veil will burn in the pits of hell as sluts of Satan but that is not seeking to blame women as infernal whores should they disobey the bearded guardians of community honour. Rather, it is exercising freedom of choice for women to be fully informed of the consequences if they exercise freedom of choice.

Yes, I sent perverse sexual comments to women as well as obscene pictures of myself. But ask yourself, how were these pictures conveyed? By internet, smart phones and Twitter. And who invented these devices and technology? Straight men who never experienced discrimination against bi-sexual vegans and were full of technology innovators privilege.


Straight white men. Pic Credit: ZITTO & GUARDA / Flickr.


When we begin to question the structural roots of these accusations of hypocrisy, a picture begins to emerge of a society hostile to men who challenge its racist supremacist patriarchal values with their own supremacist extremist patriarchal values.

As I said in my religious lectures, women who do not possess the correct modesty are temptresses for sexual inflammation and as the immodest women who tempted me expose my exposure to them, I have been proved to be correct. I am vindicated.

In an era of climate change, volcanoes exploding, terrorism of white ‘freedom of speech’, Donald Trump eating Mexicans, phobia against jihad, hurt feelings of minority victimised by victimhood, as the rain forests are destroyed and lesbians are persecuted by mice, as white people exist, this assault on me for threatening to sexually assault women I harassed if they snitched on me is part of the genocide against resistance to the prevailing oppresions in our society.


Mexicans are being eaten by Donald Trump.
Pic Credit: Da-Puma / Flickr.


So I want to apologise to the communities I belong to for refusing to submit to the persecution against me by those I spent my life persecuting for the sins of being women who needed to be kept under my control. In demanding I be held liable for hypocrisy, my enemies make themselves agents of the oppression of everyone, traitors to inter-sectional community leader justice, and jinns of those who seek to castrate those men who speak on their behalf.

For the wider cause of social justice and equality, for the bigger picture, so that women can live with dignity and without fear of my harassment of them being known and bringing shame on them, for the sake of the community, let there be silence, so that I can speak loudly.


LO-qfWSxMo Dawah is a community leader, inter-sectional Jihadi, Trans-Sharia campaigner, advocate of the “Censorship is Free Speech” student campaign, Counter-Anti-Extremist, Machete-Secretary of the Beheading Civil Rights org DECAP, and promoter of Inter-Faith obedience.

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