Muslim Man’s Marriage Manual



By Jimmy Bangash


Crush her spirit
Break her soul
Teach this woman her new role


Curb her speech
Teach her her worth
Cooking cleaning birth and birth


Birth and birth and birth and birth
Cooking cleaning birth and birth


Claim her children
Quote 4:34
Keep her gaze upon the floor


Keep her fearing
of Talaq
This is how you make your mark


Keep her locked
Within your home
And all your antics are unknown


If she cries
Call her a whore
Sow your oats then get three more



Jimmy Bangash is a gay, British, Ex-Muslim Pakistani. He grew up in a traditional Pashtun family in London where he stood in ardent opposition to the patriarchy and misogyny in his community. His poems and prose focus on Islamic patriarchy and the experience of gays of Muslim heritage. He is a co-founder and integrative coach at 

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